The 16 Best Dance Bars, Clubs, and Parties in NYC

So, you’re out with friends, you’ve had a few drinks, and Kelly suggests “Let’s go dancing!!” But with so many options on any given night for tripping the light fantastic, how do you decide which one has the right vibe?

To help guide you, we’ve selected 16 of New York’s finest places to dance, from a sexy burlesque masquerade to a salsa and merengue bash in Williamsburg. These are the parties that are worth your blood, sweat, and tears — preferably not your blood, though.

1. Best overall dance night: The Rub at The Bell House

149 7th St, Brooklyn
For 13 years, this monthly dance party has renounced the high-profile DJs and VIP bottle service you’d expect from “the best hip hop clubs in NYC,” opting instead for a far simpler formula: an inclusive atmosphere, reasonably priced drinks, and an eclectic blend of music ranging from classic hip-hop and R&B to rock, house, and reggae. Sure, longtime regulars might bemoan how the party’s lost its grittiness since moving from Southpaw to The Bell House, but the change of venue comes with an added bonus: a working ventilation system.