The 45 Most Iconic College Bars Across North America

College and drinking are basically synonymous – after all, what else do college students do on Friday nights? There’s no doubt that each and every college is different, each with their own vibe and culture. And since students students spend so much of their time at bars, their bar of choice says a lot about their school and themselves.

To demonstrate this variety of campus culture and going-out preferences, we asked 44 schools in North America (and a bonus one from India) what their most popular campus bar is, and this is what they were more than excited to share.

From best bars in Boston for college students to dive bars that have mechanical bulls, each college bar is unique, and that’s why the students love it. College bars have become the new place for students to relax after class, to catch up with friends or to have a great night out. They’ve become a second home, and seniors will never forget the first time they puked their guts out or the last time they had a night out with their friends at their beloved bar.